Welcome to Quail Crossing Studios of Santa Rosa, California. Our studio produces fine and casual oil paintings, cards and digital photography. Quail Crossing Studios restore aged & damaged photographs.

erikaBorn in San Francisco, Erika devoted her early years to raising a family and anticipating her future in library sciences. In doing research and field experience at Stanford, she had access to an enormous wealth of artistic expression. This led to experimentation and self-discovery.

Living in the South Bay, Erika sought out several local artists and attended art classes and workshops. The fertile ground of ideas and collaborative input by established artists inspired her to freely explore and find her own personal style.

This being the Renaissance of her life, dramatically changed her future.  Erika joined art associations, participated in juried competitions and accepted commissioned art work.

Erika also volunteered her time by teaching classes at the local elementary and junior high schools. Her instructions and fun with the hands-on technique left the students requesting more time for art appreciation.

Upon retiring from the computer industry Erika moved to the Santa Rosa/Sonoma Valley Region. She discovered the ‘magic realism of Charles Becker’. His personal attention to detail, mood and emotion was a joy to behold. Soon after she joined him and his diverse group of artists.

The decision to offer her original pieces and reproductions was a result of inquiries from collectors and other patrons of fine art. Erika’s style is a fusion of the Dutch masters still life realism with the purity of “trompe l’oeil”. She is also very successful in mastering watercolor techniques and landscape scenes.

Erika gladly makes available for purchase fine & casual art reproductions and originals.


 * VOMAA, Valley of the Moon, Sonoma, CA
 * Santa Rosa County Museum
 * WASCO, Watercolor Society of Santa Rosa
 * Petaluma Art Association



Hal Fava, formerly of the Light & Shadow Camera Club in San Jose is a long-time hobbyist who has created some magnificent pieces of art using a camera.

Familiar with most facets of photography, Hal has recently discovered a peculiar way to add a twist to existing photographs as you can see when you look at his latest artwork.

Hal also retouches or repairs old or damaged photographs. In viewing Hal's digital artwork, we hope you will support his efforts by bringing one of these pictures into your home.